Nioh Use Weapons and Items

Nioh Walkthrough Begins with Mission Level 5 Memories of Death Lilies. This will examine the weapons, armor and items used as the samurai warrior advances slowly from one treasure chest to another, and loot from one to the other.

First, the hero samurai warrior starts with his basic weapons, the sword and the rifle. In the language of the Tokugawa era in medieval fantasy feudal Japan, this is know as –

  • Bizen-den Uchigatana (sword), and
  • Tanegashima Matchlock (rifle)

Eventually, the hero will gather more weapons – the axe, the spear, and finally the Kusarigama.

Later, the samurai warrior gets the Nagi Kusarigama. The nagi Kusarigama is an upgraded version of the Kusarigama. With this weapon, the hero can launch fast attacks with lightning damage against enemies. Upgrade further on the weapons skill tree, and with each use of the weapon, the hero becomes more familiar and gains familiarity with each weapon.

Nioh Living Weapon

  • The samurai warrior becomes soulful as the game continues, and earns the ability to transform a weapon into a living weapon, using the buttons triangle and circle on PS4.


Armor and Items explained – coming soon.

Demo – available free as the Nioh final chance trial on PS4, awesome game, plays like Dark Souls but as a samurai with sword melee abilities, ninja like skills and mystical magic of feudal medieval Japan. Purchase Nioh now, release date – 9 february 2017