Nioh Source of Evil Mission How to Defeat the Gasha-Dokuro

In the Nioh Source of Evil Mission, Kelley has channeled his magic to create giant Yokai the Gasha-Dokuro. William has a simple task – defeat the Gasha-Dokuro. However, this is not as simple as it seems, as the Gasha-Dokuro is a giant, and has lots of health points, The best options would be to work out the map of the area and systematically eliminate the enemies around it.

    • First up, defeat the first 2 samurais near the first shrine.

  • Next, explore the area to scope out and recon the area so you know where to go.

  • It may be best to use the Suzaku phoenix guardian angel so that William can become a living weapon when life goes to 0.
  • Co=Op Gameplay to defeat the undead samurais around the shrines. More fun when there is someone to tank or provide heavy damage to the enemies.

It is harder to defeat the revanants on your own, but not that fun.

Tactics to defeat the Source of Evil the Gasha Dokuro – summon a visitor; one takes the head, the other takes the legs and so on.

Some extra side missions to level up and also to get some loot before William heads for the Source of Evil Mission.