Nioh Defiant Honor dlc Walkthrough Game Guide

The Nioh Defiant Honor dlc walkthrough game guide begins. The hero needs to get into the castle from the first shrine. Be familiar with the area around the first shrine.

  • The Siege of Osaka walkthrough

First get to the second shrine of the game.

And here is the initial walkthrough for the Defiant Honor dlc, which is the Siege of Osaka.

  • Use the new weapon set Tonfu – requires a lot of stamina (the bar below health).

From the second shrine, run in a straight line to the deep trench.

There are lots of fire arrows in the battlefield. The key is to stop the fire arrows. This is the way to get to the giant cannon in the battlefield after the second shrine.

Then rescue the kodama. Increase healing elixir quantity.

Explore the battlefield to get equipment.

Then use the equipment.