Mortal Kombat Story Mode Walkthrough

This mortal kombat x walkthrough will explain the various features of mortal combat, and in particular focus on the story mode.

Recap of mortal combat story so far

Shao Khan is gone, having been eliminated by the elder gods in his cheating attempting to invade earthrealm., despite losing mortal kombat tournament. The mortal kombat x story mode begins with the invasion of earthrealm by shinnok, another elder god.

Shao Khan may be gone, but A list celebrity johnny cage is still here. He leads the team of mortal kombatants against the demonic forces as they attack earth realm.

Meanwhile, Raiden and the other guy are being attacked by Quan Shi. Raiden’s powers have obviously waned, because he cannot defeat non-elder gods. Anyway, the first taste of story mode mortal walkthrough is through the “eyes and skills” of Johnny Cage, for better or for worse. Videos coming!

We thirst for to test the other mortal kombatants other than Johnny Cage.