Monster Hunter Stories 2 Get New Monsties for Party

In Monster Hunter Stories 2, the hero needs to get new monsties for the party. In order of progression, these are the monsters that the hero can get the eggs and later hatch and add to the progress.

  1. The Velocidrome

The Velocidrome is a gift from the hero companion. Later, the hero can also get an egg with the Velocidrome. The Velocidrome can jump, and is helpful for getting to chests closed off by cliffs.

2. The Kulu Ya Ku

The Kulu Ya Ku is the second monstie that the hero can add to the party.

3. The Yian Kut Ku

The Yian Kut Ku is known by the hero as the Fireball Monstie, as it can use fireballs to defeat enemies from level 4 onwards.

The Yian Kut Ku is followed by the Bulldrome, and the Pukei Pukei later.

4. The Bulldrome

5. The Pukei Pukei