Might and Magic X Legacy Find the Observatory in Yon-Chall Forest

In Might and Magic X Legacy, the raiders embark on a quest to find Lord Kilburn. Lord Kilburn was last seen in the observatory somewhere in the yon-chall forest. The hero must track down lord kilburn and then find out who led the attack for the brigands on castle portmeyron. This is the search for lord kilburn quest. This will guide the hero on how to complete this quest, and then find the lost city in the Yon-Chall forest.

Note that the heroes must have finished the elemental forge quest in order to proceed with this quest.

Might and Magic X Legacy Search for Kilburn Quest

The raiders will arrive at castle portmeyron after their last quest. They will then travel west until they hit a bridge. Initially the bridge will be blocked. After they return with news of the dark elves’ doings, the bridge to Seahaven will be unlocked. Head across the bridge and to Seahaven for a restock of supplies. The party can restock up to 13 supplies. That is obviously a big bonus.

At Seahaven, the heroes can also get some new spells and level up some skill tiers to the master level. This will include some light spells like resurrection. The heroes can also hire a healer (Alesia) to revive and restore them should they become dead or incapacitated. The healer is available at the Church of Elrath at Seahaven.

With new spells, new supplies and new hirelings, its time to go ahead and find lord kilburn. Lord Kilburn is found in the observatory in the Yon-Chall forest. Theheroes need to get outside seahaven and then travel south and then west. As they travel west, they will be attacked by some brigands. Defeat them and then continue moving west until the heroes reach a house. Then go towards the treeline and follow it west until the heroes find the observatory.


Go inside the observatory and find the lord kilburn does have the answer on who led the militia to destroy castle portmeyron. That person is montbart. Montbart is now hiding in the lost city. The heroes must find the cave in yon chall forest that lead to the lost city.

Might and Magic X Legacy Find the Cave that Leads to the Lost City


From lord kilburn’s observatory, head east and then north and then east again and follow the path all the way until the heroes arrive at the cave before the hidden city. Do not stray too far from the path because there are lots of tough monsters like the backfang marauders that the heroes will have a lot of difficulty defeating at this stage.

If the heroes do not stray from the path, it’s a relatively straight forward path from Lord Kilburn’s observatory to the cave in Yon-Chall forest. The heroes will also pass by the Earth Magic grandmaster trainer on route there. This will mean that the raiders are on the right track.

Within the cave, defeat the ghouls and skeletons that will spring out in the darkness. Luckily, for the raiders, these undead have relatively few hit points and can be eliminated with some well aimed fire spells from far. Once these undead are permanently put to rest, explore the cave and find your way to the entrance to the lost city.It’s time to take on the might of the undead and the brigand infestations led by Montbart in the lost city. The undead in the lost city are far far far more formidable than the undead lying outside. Be warned!


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