Mass Effect Andromeda Voeld Lost Song Quest and Other Side Quests

These are some Mass Effect Andromeda Side Quests on Voeld. These quests can be used to increase viability on Voeld. Or just for fun and to level up and become more powerful.

  • Starting with the Track the Poachers in the Lost Song Quest.

  • Next, go ahead to find the Poachers’ Camp. Be careful not to get too near the kett camp which is literally next to the Poachers’ Camp.

  •  Then investigate the Poachers Cave.

  • Eventually, the heroes must confront the lead poacher, who is in fact an Angara scientist looking to study the Yevara.

Mass Effect Andromeda Voeld Other Side Quests

  • Brought to Light quest. Someone at Techiix has asked Ryder to go to the Eroesk Ruins to bring back some loot. All is not what it seems.

Later, Ryder is given a choice between giving the map to the Resistance or telling off the quest giver.

Next, the End of Watch Voeld Side Quest. Through his travels through Voeld, Ryder will discover battle sites between the Angara and the kett. He must get to the other battle sites on Voeld.

  • Bridge Sabotage Quest

Whilst trying to establish a settlement on Voeld, Ryder will most likely have to go past a bridge on the Nomad. Some kett are setting up explosive devices to take down the bridge. This is the bridge sabotage quest. Go forth and defeat the kett.

  • Then scan for the explosive devices, find the explosive devices and disarm them.