Mass Effect Andromeda Settle Elaaden

In Mass Effect Andromeda, Ryder should try to settle Elaaden, and probably get Elaaden viability to 100%. In fact, just try to get all 5 habitable planets to 100%.

To settle Eladeen with an Andromeda Initiative Outpost, 2 main things are needed –

  • Parley with the Krogans. Resolve conflict within the Krogans. –> This translates to investigate the remnant derelict ship on Elaaden.
  • Next, get to the flophouse and clear the flophouse.

Parlay with the Krogans. And then investigate the derelict ship.

The Flophouse Series of Quests

In order to start the quest, Ryder will need to get to the flophouse quest first. This is done at New Tuchanka.

  • Then get to the flophouse, and battle your way to the boss of the flophouse.

Reward – the Reegar Carbine Shotgun.

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