Mass Effect Andromeda Save Captain Dunn So She Can Survive

In Mass Effect Andromeda, Priority Mission 6 Meridian the Way Home is the final priority mission in the main game, although Ryder can continue exploring the Heleus galaxy after the final battle and victory against the Archon and the kett.

  • One key moment in the game is the Hyperion being captured by the Archon. Captain Dunn and her crew break free, and try to fly the Hyperion out of Meridian. But under heavy fire attack, the Hyperion crash land on Meridian. After the final victory, this day is called “Landing Day”, and a holiday in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Here is how to get save Captain Dunn so she survives in the crash in the mission on Meridian (Hint – has to do with the other pathfinders).