Mass Effect Andromeda Ryder Family Secrets Quest

This is the Mass Effect Andromeda Ryder Family Secrets quest, where Ryder must get memory triggers to unlock the family secrets. The first family secret to unlock is when Ryder becomes the Pathfinder.

Next, get as many memory triggers as possible and start unlocking those Alec Ryder memories.  Before long, you will have unlocked the 2nd memory sequence.

The first 3 planets to get memory sequences are Eos, Voeld and Havarl. Later, after mission 3 and the start of mission 4, the planets Kadara, Eladeen and H-047c becomes available, meaning more planets to get easy memory triggers from.

  • Unlock Kadara for memory triggers.

  • Unlock Elaaden and H-047c for memory triggers

  • After Mission 2 and Mission 3, do not forget to go visit your twin Ryder at Cyro Bay on the Hyperion.

Unlock Memory Sequence 3 – this is probably one of the happier memory sequences in Ryder Family Secrets.

    • Memory Sequence 4 unlocks the Ryder Family Secrets Secret Quest.