Mass Effect Andromeda Romance Other Characters Keri Avela Reyes

In Mass Effect Andromeda, it is possible to romance other characters who are not squad members, These characters include

  • Keri
  • Avela
  • Reyes Vidal

Mass Effect Andromeda Romance Keri

Keri is the Asari reporter journalist stationed at the Nexus. Each time you finish a section of a priority mission or part of exploration of a new planet, she will ask for an interview. At the interview, just keep flirt with her.

  • Task – Path of A Hero After Eos.

Task – Path of A Hero after First Contact Angara.

  • Talk to Keri after Kadara Mission.

  • Avela is the Aya curator of the museum at Aya City.

For Avela, you have to do the Forgotten History quest for her. At the end of the quest, assuming you have not committed to anyone, try to flirt with Avela again.

  • Then finish the Forgotten History quest. Avela will ask you to Aya. Keep flirting with her at that time. This is what you get.


  • Reyes Vidal is the Resistance spy at Kadara Port.

Just keep flirting with them if you are interested in them, until the appropriate time comes to romance them properly.

There are masses of other Mass Effect Characters out there, and not just those in the game. The mass effect original trilogy spawned lots of characters, and their stories are told in books and other media. No doubt, Mass Effect Andromeda will do the same, beginning with these other characters such as Reyes, Avela and Keri the Asari journalist.

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