Mass Effect Andromeda Romance Cora Harper

It is  possible to romance Cora Harper. In Mass Effect Andromeda, Cori Harper is Ryder’s right hand woman, both in the field, and if you want to romance her,  in the bedroom too. Remember to talk to her at the earliest opportunity and understand her past.

Cora Harper Background

Cora Harper trained as an Asari commando, but she is human. As such she believes she has no place in the Asari world, or in the human world in the Milky Way. Be sensitive to this issue, and you will be on your way to romance Cora Harper.

You will get Cora Harper as a companion in the Prioriy Planetside Mission.

  • As Ryder is leaving the Hyperion, he will have a chance to talk Cora Harper.

  • The next serious conversation will be at the Tempest.

Here is the list of the flirt conversation options Ryder should use. To start the romance, flirt at least 3 times. You can check your journal, story so far, A Crew Like None Other, and see the progression under each character (Cora Harper in this case).

 Flirt Lines
    • When first introduced to Cora Harper – We’ll be good together.
    • On board Tempest for the first time – Oh? What about now?
    • Eos Settlement done – You’re a romantic.
    • After Mission 3 A Trail of Hope – You and I can handle anything.

The above flirt lines and the romance pathway are continued –
    • Start the Cora Harper Loyalty Mission
    • Complete Cora Harper All Loyalty Missions – the combat type Cora Harper Mission finishes with the At Duty’s Edge Mission.

Mass Effect Andromeda Romance Cora Harper

At Mission 6, this is crucial. If Ryder wants to proceed further with the Cora Harper romance, be the following –

  • male
  • flirted at least 3 times
  • not in exclusive relationship with others

After going through the various flirt talks and continuing to romance Cora Harper until Ryder beds her. Then wait for the end of the last priority mission, and you will unlock the special moment at the end of the main quest series of the game. Congratulations!