Mass Effect Andromeda Optional Boss Fights

In Mass Effect Andromeda, the main game does not necessarily end with the defeat of the main villain. If Ryder is the exploring type of Pathfinder, you will find that there are some exceptional optional boss fights which should not be underestimated.

1 The Remnant Architect on Elaaden

Ryder can unlock this boss fight after settling an outpost on Elaaden. Go speak to the lead Asari officer at the outpost station and she will direct you to fight the remnant architect. Make sure you have the highest level of weapons and armor, and hide behind cover and then shoot at the legs and then the head. Tactical cloak also helps.

2 The Architect Remnant on Eos

Took out this optional boss earlier in the game, so the fight was much tougher, but the principles are the same.

3 Boss Fight at the End of Optional Missions – Example – Krex near the end of the From the Dust mission on H-047c.

From the Dust mission takes place on H-047c. Here defeat the boss krogan at the end of the mission. Needs a few charging and your most damaging squad members.

4 The 3 Ancient Eirochs in the Task – Earn Your Badge Quest

This is part of the earn your badge quest. Ryder can get this quest at the Nexus Culture centre from the Angara Andraknor, who has been sent to the Nexus Culture centre as an ambassador. Then go and activate the beacon eastern part of Voeld and await the arrival of the 3 ancient Eirochs.

5 Voeld – Battle Both the Extreme Cold and the Remnant Architect

The Remnant Architect on Voeld is probably one of the hardest optional bosses, as Ryder needs to get indoors to restore life support from time to time, and also defeat the Remnant Architect.

Also the remnant bots are Observers, meaning they fly and are harder to pinpoint. In addition, the Observers have laser damaging weapons.

Note that Ryder can only unlock the Voeld Remnant Architect optional boss after –

  • settling Voeld.
  • going to Blake and getting the Missing Scientists quest.
  • investigate for clues at the missing scientists location.