Mass Effect Andromeda Nexus Side Quests and Tasks Missions

Mass Effect Andromeda Nexus Side Quests

The Nexus has lots of side quests. The main aim of the side quests is to

The side quests also provide a great backdrop for the Mass Effect Andromeda story, and how the colonists from the Milky Way struggle against the challenges of the Heleus Cluster within the Andromeda galaxy.

  • The Life In the Frontier quest. Get this quest from Sid, Vetra’s sister at the Nexus. Then scan the starts for evidence of attacks on the Nexus ships.

  • Eventually get to Kadara, following the trail of the 3 sabers.

  • Search the hideout for evidence. Then confront the leader or ex leader on Eos, and then Addison at the Nexus.

  • Task – Traitor or  Victim Mission

Get this quest at the Pathfinder Headquarters at the Nexus, and then finish off the quest in Kadara.