Mass Effect Andromeda Nakmor Drack Loyalty Mission

In Mass Effect Andromeda, Nakmor Drack is one of the best and most damage intensive squad members. It is worth doing the Drack loyalty mission and unlock Drack rank 6 skills. These skills include –

  • Blood Rage
  • Incinerate
  • Flak Cnnon
  • Krogan Warrior
  • Grizzled Veteran

To start the Drack Loyalty Mission, finish off the first 2 or 3 priority missions, and then talk to Drack. Drack says that Spender on the Nexus is not as he seems, with dealings in Kadara. Then go forth to Kadara to investigate.

Nakmor Drack Loyalty Mission – Betrayal

Once you defeat the raiders, investigate the hideout and pick up clues. This will trigger off another investigation mission back on the Nexus.

Next up, back to the Nexus.

  • Mass Effect Andromeda Search for A Scrambler in Spender’s Room.

This ends the Nakmor Drack Krogan Betrayal and starts the next Drack loyalty mission.

Nakmor Drack Loyalty Mission – A Future for Our People

Once you talk to Hark at the Greenhouse on New Tuchanka on Elaaden, this will trigger a transport via the Tempest to the Secret Base and start a series of combat missions, and also some hilarious scenes.

Eventually, the heroes will get to Aroane and force him to talk. Then the crucial decision to keep him or not.

Note – the above is the Heleus Defender Armor, with the helmet Heleus Icon Helmet VI (you get this helmet at end of final Priority Mission), and also the Dhan shotgun.

After the mission the Future of Our People, unlock the Drack rank 6 skills – there’s still some things you can reach the old dog.

After unlocking the Drack level 6 skills, the adventures do not stop there. There are 2 more Drack bonus quests to finish off everything.

  • Remember Spender? The Ryder and Drack team need to decide what to do with him.

  • Finally, Drack and Ryder have a break at the Vortex, playing Dungeons and Dragons, meaning the Fire Breathing Thresher Maw Quest.

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