Mass Effect Andromeda Know Your Enemy the Kett Dissension in the Ranks Kett Hierarchy

In Mass Effect Andromeda, the Know the Enemy Quest, followed by the Kett Dissension Quest will allow the hero to know about the kett hierarchy. Apparently, the Archon and his minions are but a fraction of the Kett Empire.

Get the Know the Enemy quest from the Resistance Fighter at the Angara Base. Then proceed to the nav point to defeat the kett and get the kett bio sample.

The information in the kett centre points towards a communications source, so go over there and defeat the kett and see what the kett are up to.

This will then lead to the Dissension in the Ranks mission on Eos, and allow Ryder and team to come to some conclusions about the kett hierarchy.

So apparently, there is a Kett Empire, and this will send out military envoys to various clusters like the Heleus Cluster. Within the Heleus Cluster, the kett are led by the Archon. The second in command is the Primus.  The Primus is annoyed with the Archon for indulging so much time on remnant research instead of exaltation. No doubt the kett storyline will play on in future dlcs of Mass Effect Andromeda.

Back to the Dissension in the Ranks Mission. So Ryder must go and find the first relay, then second relay.

And third and fourth relays

Then with the nav point of the fourth relay, investigate the building to finish off on the Dissension in the Ranks quest.