Mass Effect Andromeda H-047c Walkthrough Game Guide

This is a Mass Effect Andromeda H-047c walkthrough. H-047c was designated to be the Turian Golden World. But when the Turian ark arrived there, this was no Golden World . H-047c was found to be decimated. Of course, the Turian ark is another storyline.

Here we focus on Ryder walkthrough on H-047c, starting with the Turian squad member Vetra Nyx loyalty mission. Remember way back, we met Vetra in the Get to the Tempest mission.

Even tried to romance Vetra. Well, just asked her if there is anyone special in her life.

OK, back to H-047c walkthrough.

Mass Effect Andromeda Nexus Uprising

This previous Golden World is now a barren rock full of cosmic radiation. Ryder cannot even step out of the Nomad. However, it’s a good thing scavengers have set up mining outposts on H-047c which shields the radiation. This allows Ryder to alight from the Nomad and carry out the Vetra Nyx loyalty mission on H-047c. There are 2 main mission categories here – one belonging to the Vetra mission as stated above, and the other belonging to the outlaws and remnant tiller part of the mission.

Next up, the other 2 side quests on H-047c –

  • The Outlaw Base – Find the Code Snippets to access the Outlaw Base and Clear the Outlaw Base
  • The Remnant Tiller Mission – Explore the Remnant Observatory – this will eventually result in a fight with the Elite Destoyer.

Mass Effect Andromeda Find the Remnant Observatory H-047c

Mass Effect Andromeda Open Remnant Tiller Remnant Conservatory

Mass Effect Andromeda Explore Remnant Conservatory

Mass Effect Andromeda Remnant Tiller Defeat the Elite Destroyer