Mass Effect Andromeda Find the Missing Salarian Ark in Hunting the Archon Mission

In Mass Effect Andromeda, Ryder and team will have to embark on Priority Mission 4, otherwise known as the Hunting the Archon quest.


Whilst on the mission, Ryder and team find the missing Salarian Ark. So the Hunting the Archon quest is essentially also finding the leads for the missing Salarian Ark.

  • So instead of boarding the Archon’s Flagship initially, Ryder and team board the Salarian Ark first.

First thing is to find the Salarian Pathfinder.

With the Salarian Pathfinder, proceed further into the Archon’s Ship to make your way into the Archon’s Room.

  • After the Archon’s ship, Ryder must make a decision about whether to save the Salarian Pathfinder or not. This is one of the key decisions which will affect the end game Priority Mission.