Mass Effect Andromeda Find Leads on Missing Asari Ark Leusinia

In Mass Effect Andromeda, the Asari Ark Leusinia has gone missing. We know from the mass effect universe that the Asari are the most powerful biotics in the universe. Ryder needs to find a lead or leads on the missin asari ark.

  • Therefore Ryder will need to find the missing Asari Ark Leusinia, in order to build more allies into the Andromeda Initative, to get all the Pathfinders (human, asari, turian, salarian) into the final fight against kett.

The missing Asari Ark mission is tied in with Cora Harper Loyalty mission . Cora Harper’s loyalty missions start with Asari Ark, and is followed (see below) by the At Duty’s Edge Mission.

  • Note that Ryder can only unlock the crucial part of the Asari Missing Ark mission after mission 3 is completed.

  • Talk to Cora to unlock the At Duty’s Edge Mission. Finish the series of quests within the At Duty’s Edge Mission to find the missing Asari Ark.