Mass Effect Andromeda Final Priority Mission Meridian the Way Home

This is a summary of the Mass Effect Andromeda Final Priority Mission. This may be regarded as the mass effect andromeda priority mission 6 – Meridian the Way Home. Well, this priority mission certainly starts off with a bang. Ryder ventures into the Jardaal space station they previously thought was Meridian.

Only to find that the Archon has played Ryder and it was all a ploy to sever Ryder from SAM. Of course, Sara Ryder is called into action and must save Ryder by rebooting SAM manually. It’s your chance to play as Sara Ryder with Scott Ryder as the main character.

  • By the way, do you know that you can play as Sara Ryder at a higher level than Scott Ryder? – here’s how!

With Scott Ryder saved, it’s time to follow the Archon into Meridian and save Sara Ryder, and the Andromeda Initiative and the Heleus Cluster.

It’s lovely when you have everyone you have helped so far come to save Ryder.

  • Meridian – the Way Home –