Mass Effect Andromeda Elaaden Water Supply Quests and Other Side Quests

In Mass Effect Andromeda, Elaaden may be regarded as a favorite battle grounds for combat action. There are lots of side quests on Elaaden with good high level and a great variety of enemies and some conversation options role play choices. Here’s a look at some Elaaden Side Quests, like the water supply side quest.

  • Ryder will then need to get to the water source.

Scan the area for information.

    • Obviously Annae will walk in at this stage. Decide what you want to do with the water supply.

If you are looking for combat action, then the Taming the Fiend quest in Rising Tensions Mission is not to be missed.

  • Get the Rising Tensions Mission from the shaman Krogan at New Tuchanka. Then go forth and try to tame the fiend.

After that, its Ryder and 2 krogans versus 3 fiends. Nice!

  • Other Miscellaneous questsSave Dr Okeer Krogan Research. Just not sure why you would want the Krogans to become even more reproductive.

  • Another side quest – Mind of An Exile

This will lead on the Gray Matter quest. Convince a scavenger to take Lexi’s serum.