Mass Effect Andromeda Craft New Weapon on the Tempus

In Mass Effect Andromeda, the pathfinder hero Ryder can craft new weapons, craft new armor, and craft new augmentation. All he needs are the following –

  • finish the Priority Planetside Mission
  • the Hyperion docks with the Nexus (the Citadel equivalent in the Andromeda galaxy); locate the Nexus Personnel
  • talk to Director Tann the salarian
  • get to the SAM node talk to SAM, Alec Ryder’s AI construct
  • get to the Tempest – the pathfinder ship.

Then, during exploration of the Tempest, talk to Liam, head of security on the Tempest. He will talk about the new toys. This is the terminal where Ryder can craft his new weapons, armor and augmentation.

Here is a selection of the equipment that Ryder can craft. More weapons, armor and augmentation to craft and use as the Ryders find the materials needed to craft the weapon, armor and augmentation that Ryder needs.

  • At the loadout screen before the New Beginning Quest, the main quest to explore the first planet Eos, Ryder can choose his weapon and armor and if neccessary, modify the weapon and armor.

It’s time to test one of the new craft weapons – the Disciple I Shotgun, combined with Ryder’s Charge and Nova biotic soldier and vangaurd skills.

  • Later, Ryder will craft the Pathfinder Sniper Rifle and combine sniper and zoom in approach to eliminate enemies.