Mass Effect Andromeda Allies and Relationships

Mass Effect Andromeda Allies and Relationships

This will focus on Mass Effect Andromeda Allies and Relationships of specific people particularly those outside the squad or Tempest crew. First up, our most beloved Addison.

Allies and Relationships – Director Addison. The Little Things that Matter.

Scanning of a satellite accidentally will trigger the Little Things that Matter Quest. Dr Kennedy has gone missing and Addison wants her back. Ryder needs to scan some systems for the ZK trackers or satellites until the source or origin of the trackers are detected.

However, Dr Kennedy appears to be able to mask her locations, so Ryder will need to scan the ZK trackers again.

  • After you find Dr Kennedy’s location, for forth and protect her shuttle.

Mass Effect Andromeda Truth and Trespass Quest

Next – Remember rescuing the Salarians. Here is their Allies and Relationships Quest.

  • At some point after rescuing the Salarian ark, Kallo will want to talk to you. This will activate the Truth and Trespass Quest. Go to Havarl to meet the spy.

Next, Ryder needs to get to Voeld to investigate the salarian spy’s story. First scan the required items at Techixx, and then get to the kett handler.

Finish off these series of missions on Voeld and head to the Nexus. Scan Rand Lon’s apartment.

Go to Elaaden and find the real spy.

  • Finally speak to the imposter and decide on your decision – trade freedom for intel or not.