Marvel Heroes the Thing Level Up Guide

In Marvel Heroes, the Thing is a fun brawler type character to play. The controls are easy and the Thing becomes rather invulnerable at a low level. The Thing can be used to tear a path across the whole of the Marvel Heroes universe. The Thing is, of course, one of the Fantastic Four members. Unlike the Human Torch, the Thing specializes in teamwork and is the model of a tank in a team of superheroes. This will guide the Thing to choose his powers so that he can meet the above expectations and not disappoint his fans.

Marvel Heroes the Thing Brawler Powers

The Thing cannot function without his brawler powers. These include –

  • Rocky Punch – the Thing uses his rock hard fists to punch and pulverise his enemies.
  • Bash – the Thing delivers a punch that stuns enemies in front of him. Available at level 3.
  • Bruising Punch – the Thing knocks off enemies in front of him, making them susceptible to attacks. Available at level 10.
  • Backhand Smash – the Thing’s hands are so big, they can function well on the two sides. This power move allows the Thing to smack the back of his hands onto the enemies, with a chance to stun the enemy. Available at level 14.
  • Fantastic Haymaker – the Thing makes hay out of enemies, striking them and making them weaker and weaker. Available at level 20.
  • Brickyard Headbutt – the Thing can use just about every part of his sociably visible body. This time, he uses his forehead, knocking down enemies. Available at level 26.
  • Ground Smash – the Thing slams the ground with his fists, knocking down enemies. Available at level 28.

Marvel Heroes the Thing Rockpile Powers

The Thing wants to show he is a tower of rocks. Just who can stop him? His rockpile powers are –

  • Directed Shockwave – the Thing punches the ground so hard that the shockwave knocks enemies into the air.
  • Hard As Rock – the Thing makes his already stone skin hard rock, ignoring damage and forced movement effects.
  • Rockslide Charge – the Thing charges forward, knocking all enemies down. Available at level 4.
  • Granite Defense – the Thing turns him into a rock hard invulnerable piece of armor, shrugging off damage. Available at level 8.
  • Bashful Benjy – the Thing blocks attacks from the front. Available at level 12.
  • Hindering Hide – Enemies hitting the Thing are slowed because they will think twice about hitting the next time. Available at level 16.
  • Endure Assault – the Thing endures assault and attacks from all enemies. Available at level 20.
  • Crashing Leap – the Thing jumps. Enemies at the jump destination are thrown into the air. Available at level 24.
  • Jagged Defender – the Thing is no smooth piece of rock. Enemies who hit the Thing are hurt by the rocky surfaces. Available at level 28.
  • Clobberin’ Time – the Thing decides it’s time to go clobbering. All potential enemies are damaged a lot. Available at level 30.

Marvel Heroes the Thing Teammate Powers

The Thing strives to be the best tank and teammate possible. He even develops powers to help with this –

  • Yancy Street Taunt – the Thing decides he wants to take on all enemies; he taunts enemies to attack him.
  • Guardian Aura – the Thing transfers some of his invulnerability to teammates, allowing them to ignore some damage. Available at level 6.
  • Aggressive Aura – the Thing’s presence allows himself and other allies to deal extra damage. Available at level 10.
  • Bold Challenge – the Thing challenges nearby enemies to attack him, and gains spirit energy from their attacks. Available at level 18.
  • Steadfast Aura – the Thing’s presence allows for nearby teammates to ignore forced movement effects. Available at level 22.

The Thing’s ultimate power comes in the form of Pulverizing Fury. He pummels the ground with his fists, sending rocky shards flying into the air around him. This will damage enemies and also cause allies near the Thing to deal more damage and resist negativity and damage.