Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Walkthrough Game Guide

In Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy, the new story of Star-Lord is told. Apparently, Thanos is not as powerful as what has been told in the cinematic version, requiring the Avengers to take them down.

Here in the game Guardians of the Galaxy, Thanos is, in fact, very defeatable. However, first, the heroes need to get into the Kree Temple.

  • Next, Star lord gets into the temple himself, but he must get the other guardians into the temple.

  • Eventually, the heroes get to Thanos and must take him down.

Thanos is finished – however, now comes the complicated part – what to do with the body – give to the Collectors or the Nova Corps.

The adventures of the Guardians of the Galaxy in Part 1 continues.

After the celebrations the Kree arrives to get the Eternity Forge from Star Lord.

Starlord has to choose between Gamora or Drax to go aboard the ship. As can be seen, the choices are quite obvious.

Then go ahead and locate and retrieve the eternity forge.

Finally Star Lord succumbs to his injuries. He remembers the past. Yondu appears to recruit him.

That concludes episode 1 for now – will most likely pick up the action when Nebula arrives at the scene with Gamora.

Now, let’s recap what happened so far.


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