Kingdom Come Deliverance Get Full Knight Armor

In Kingdom Come Deliverance, the hero Henry needs to get knight full armor. With the knight full armor, it is very hard at the beginning for the enemies to try to penetrate Henry defenses and hurt him. This means that Henry can choose his weapon of choice and learn to use his weapon of choice at his leisure, as he experiments with axe, sword, polearm, shield, mace or dagger.

However, Henry does not have a full knight armor to begin with. Instead he has clothes as befitting for a blacksmith’s son ie very dirty or minimal clothes. Not very good defense rating against the weapons wielded by enemies against Henry. Hence Henry is easily defeated at the beginning of the game, and keeps dying repeatedly, until…

Until a said wayfarer knight comes along, and offers his full knight armor.  Well, actually, he does not offer his full knight armor. But Henry uses his ingenuity to get the full knight armor.

First, for whatever silly reason, the wayfarer knight issues a challenge to Henry. Henry, of course, says no.

Then the knight turns his back to Henry and looks someone else to issue the challenge to. Of course, Henry will use his to his advantage.

Then Henry becomes the knight in shining armor.