Horizon Zero Dawn Walkthrough Game Guide

Horizon Zero Dawn walkthrough game guide is here.

In Horizon Zero Dawn, mankind’s previous civilization has fallen. Why that is so is a mystery? On this day, about 3000 years or so into the future, Aloy is born. Just who is Aloy’s mother? And why is her past connected to this prehistoric future? No one knows. And that is the mystery surrounding Horizon Zero Dawn that Aloy needs to find out. But before that, Aloy has to find her way into the Nora tribe that has branded her an outcast, for in a land that chooses to worship the All Mother, Aloy appears to have no mother.

  • 6 years after Aloy’s birth, she falls into a ruins near one of the Mother’s villages. She receives a Gift from the Past – a Focus. Incidentally, when Aloy grows up, remember to go back to this ruin to get one of the power cells for the Ancient Secret Armor.

The Proving proves to be the catalyst for a series of events – Aloy is targeted by someone. She is referred to as the entity. And so the mystery continues. Aloy proves she is the best in the proving, and then discovers half of her secrets in the All Mother Mountain. The other half is sealed off. She must go and find an uncorrupted  alpha registry. And so Aloy’s adventures begin truly.

  • Aloy continues with the revenge of the Nora, chasing down war chief Sona. Then she heads to the border gate, and defeats the machines there, thereby getting to Meridian, the capital of the world in that region.

The mystery continues, as Aloy is contacted by someone mysterious through the Focus. Aloy hunts down Olin, and dispenses her sense of justice. On the “advice” of her new found friend, the knowledge seeker Sylen, Aloy heads to the Grave Hoard, where she discovers the origin of something called Project Zero Dawn. Aloy then searches for Project Zero Dawn in the bunker beneath Sunfall. Finally, at Gaia Prime, Aloy uncovers the final events of the previous human civilization.

  • it’s time to take on the final boss in the final battle. Aloy will need to do errands and side quests to accumulate allies to help her. And she must visit all the Cauldrons to learn all the override codes.

Horizon Zero Dawn Video Walkthrough Game Guide.