Horizon Forbidden West Level Up Skills Guide

In Horizon Forbidden West, there are a few level of level up. First the heroine Aloy needs to level up. Defeat enemies and get experience points to level up. Then Aloy needs to level up and get new skills by get skills points.

There are 6 categories of skills to level up

  • Warrior
  • Trapper
  • Hunter
  • Survivor
  • Infiltrator
  • Machine Master

It is recommended that at the beginning, Aloy first level up and get the Concentration Plus skill to increase focus zoom, as the bow and arrows skills is indispensible at the beginning.

Horizon Forbidden West Critical Strike Fire Fanghorn Energize Spear

Later, Aloy should level up and focus on abilities to energize the spear.

The hero tries to defeat the Fire Fanghorn and has knocked down the Fire Fanghorn. Use critical strike to defeat the Fire Fanghorn.

This will energize Aloy’s Spear. Can use the energized spear to cause more damage once the spear has more energy.