Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice Fire God Path Walkthrough Open Gate Find Fire Signs

In Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice, the other path that Senua has to go is the Fire God Surt Path, where she has to go through the Fire Door at the place where the Hellgate is, and then proceed to defeat enemies and get through the fire gates, and find the fire signs.

When Senua returns from the God of Illusion pathway, the shielded barbarian and his friends are there waiting for her.

Proceed past the fire door and reach the first fire symbol sign. As Surt is the God of Fire, combat is a stable in this area.

  • After the combat, proceed to find the HY sign.

Get past this door, and proceed to the actual God of Fire Surt first door, which can be opened by find the Fire Sign. But first defeat the enemies.

Then find the first Fire God symbol. The whole place will catch fire after.

Then the second fire door. Find the second fire sign first.

Then escape the fire after the second fire sign.

  • Find the Infinity XR sign

Find the R sign.

Find the third fire symbol, then escape the fire.

Playlist – God of Fire Walkthrough