Fortnite Walkthrough Game Guide

Fortnite is a fort building game, where the commander takes control of the following –

  • heroes
  • defenders
  • survivors
  • resources

The commander has to get the best heroes, level up the heroes, and then gather resources and use them wisely to create new weapons and stuff and defend the fort, and then expand on the Storm Shield.

It may be quite confusing for the beginner. This will provide a beginner guide on how to advance in the game, and become the most powerful commander with the best weapons and stuff and level up heroes in the game.

Building Forts and Basic Structures

The first thing to do is to build forts and basic structures. The stairs are one of the most important structures in the game. To do so, one has to gather wood.

Then go ahead and build more structures such as the door.

and the low wall.

Fornite Gather Resources

One of the more challenging things is to gather resources to build stuff. These resources include –

  • gizmo parts

Again the same fuel station is a source of copper ore, so remember to pay it a visit from time to time.

  • skill points

  • Where to get the flower petals to craft the healing pad.

Fornite Loot In Mission Treasure Chest Complete Treasured Friends Mission

You will need to complete the treasured friends mission to progress on in the game.

Essentially, go into a mission where there will be few buildings with confirmed treasure chests, and either solo or go to missions where players dont need this objective. An example is the Ride the Lightning Mission. Find the treasure chest and then loot the treasure chest.

Finish off the mission, and get to the next stage of the game.

Fortnite Hero List and Hero Skills