Fortnite Use Weapons and Types

In Fortnite, there is a variety of weapons to use against the husks. This will showcase some of the weapons, and how they come about. Also a bit on the crafting of the weapons, and the crafting materials required.

The commander acquired the copper kodiak weapon some time ago, but could not use it until later on.

Centurion Legendary Heroine uses the Copper Kodiak Weapon.

Ninja Assassin Heroine uses the Snakebite Weapon

Defend the fort with the Snakebite Weapon.

The Bullet Swarm Weapon

One of the most annoying things about craft epic weapons is the blast powder required. Sometimes, you just need to sacrifice your original weapon to get more blast powder.

Sometimes you get weapons from campaign missions. One very important weapon is the copper rocket launcher.

The Grenade Launcher that bounces around.

The small weapon that uses big ammo.