Fortnite How to Solo Defend Storm Shield

In Fortnite, one of the main things to do for mission progression is to defend the storm shield. However, one sometimes cannot find friends to help you. So what to do?

Recruit as many defence squad members as possible.

  • To save ammo for the big fight, use only those things that do not require ammo, such as melee weapons and the teddy bear to rescue survivors and get more crafting ingredients.

Then make those defensive tiles and recruit the squad members into action.

Of course they will need melee weapons and ammunition. So go out of the map and go to other places to get as much weapons and ammunition as possible. Also gather raw materials for ammunition.

Then construct the most strategic fort with possibly most number of traps.

Of course, you should choose your best hero to defend the fort. Preferably the one with the most health, or the most legendary.

After each attack, the fort becomes quite miserably damaged. So put on as much defense back on, and add in as many traps as possible.

Of course you will need more crafting ingredients for traps.

Before going into the storm shield mission, go into the other missions to get crafting ingredients first. And lots of them.

Also craft lots of duct tape.

When everything is ready, go forth and get defend the fort. The 2nd wave at amplifier B will be a problem for solo defending.

But follow the above steps, continue and you will succeed.

Then defeat all enemies in wave 4, and the solo defence of storm shield 5 is done.

Fortnite Repair Fortify Storm Shield After Storm Shield Defence 5

Finally, after all that hard work.