Fortnite Hero Skills and Hero List

In Fortnite, the player is the commander. However, the next most important person is the hero, which the commander controls. Whilst some of the heroes can only be unlocked by the leadership skill, here is a list of the initial heroes that the commander can use. They are quite good actually.

  • NEW! Legendary Centurion Hero Skill Warcry.

The centurion hero uses the rocket launcher to defeat the mist monster.

Unlock this hero from the Founders coins llama reward.

  • Izza has the pulse skill.

Unlock the ninja hero from more llama rewards. But you need the leadership skill.

  • Soldier hero frag grenade skill.

  • Controller Harper decoy skill

  • Sidewinder Ramirez Goes Commando

Ninja Hero – finally unlock the ninja heroes. There are 3 of them on the list.

  • The best is when you unlock any of the legendary heroes.

The centurion hero in action again.