Fortnite Defend the Fort

In Fortnite, the hero needs to defend the fort. These are some of the examples of the exciting and also frustrating times of what to do with defending the fort.

  • The Outlander Hero defending the fort

  • The lady assassin hero defending the fort

  • What to do when out of ammo in solo defending the fort

  • Search your inventory for alternative weapons to defend the fort

  • Another alternative when this outlander hero is out of ammo.

  • Use the traps to wipe out large sections of enemies towards the end of the Storm Shield defense mission for solo defending.

  • When the Atlas on an edge, you can build a real compact fort.

Another day, another weird looking fort. This time, Pathfinder Jess finds someone has built a long supportless plank in the air. Go up there to defend against the enemies.