Fortnite Campaign Missions

In Fortnite, the heroine needs to go on campaign missions, in order to advance the game. Here are some of the campaign missions in Fortnite.

  • After Storm Shield Defence 5, the heroine needs to recover more broadcasts.

Use the legendary hero to find the crates.

Not only do you need to find the supply crates, you will have to finish at least 1 of the 2 missions in a 15+ power zone to make this finish permanent.

Fortnite Defeat 5 Mist Monsters – This is one of the campaign missions. The heroine needs to go to a power 15+ zone, and then start to defend the van. Only then will the mist monster come out.

Maybe one of the hardest part of the first lot of campaign missions – find the Mimic. Then destroy the Mimic.