Final Fantasy Type 0 Boss Fight Guide

In Final Fantasy Type 0, the storyline is one of far fetched fantasy taking place in the land of Orience. The storyline is intriguing and the bosses of each chapter are tied to the storyline, and provide much colour and added drama to the walkthrough, rather than being there as the boss fights. Let’s review the walkthrough for final fantasy type 0, beginning with the boss fights in the prologue and the chapters to follow.

1. White Tiger l’Cie

The land of Orience has been blessed or cursed by the crystals of the land – that being of the Vermilion bird and the Tiger. Later, the tortoise crystal joins the crowd, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The l’Cie are the creation of the crystals, having given up their humanity for ultimate power.

  • The White Tiger l’Cie at the beginning is more comedial than ultimate power, but the machine he resides in is powerful indeed. Dodge the tail attacks of the machines and then keep dealing damage to it until it is defeated.

2. General Qator Bashtor Unidentified Magitek Armor

The retaking over of the stronghold Togoreth is the next part of the heroes’ task, and the end boss is none other than General Qator Bashtor, in a robotech like machine called the Magitek Armor.

  • Again, dodge around, and either use a quick fighter like Eight, or a heavy damage fighter like Cinque. Remember to heal up, and the fight will be over soon. Victory, that is.

3. Broniac

What is producing the magitek armor ie M.A.? The answer follows the infiltration of class zero into the factory mass producing these things. Broniac is the answer. This huge machine looks dangerous, but is really easy to defeat.

    • Hide in the hallway, and when Broniac stops drilling, go in front and repel the MAs back at Broniac. The eye will limp to the right side. Go there and hit it repeatedly. Repeat the aciton until Broniac expires.

4. Primus White Tiger l’Cie Nimbus

Whilst the first white tiger was a joke, this primus white tiger l’Cie is no joke. He is power itself, having taken on the Vermilion bird l’Cie with no ill effects.

  • Just lay down and be defeated, and the mission will be completed.

5. Supersoldier Akkad

Framed for the assassination of the Queen in the Return of the Last Queen to Oblivion Chapter 4, class zero meets their match in the supersoldier Akkad.

  • Don’t fight him straight on; just run.

6. Behemoth, Rage Piett and Snow Giant

Escaping through the tunnels underground, class zero comes up against the three mini-bosses before the final boss of Chapter 4. Tough.

  • Use a ranged fighter like King. Dodge and then find a safe time to unleash ranged attacks, especially at Killsight and Yellow marker time. The enemies will be defeated. Rage Piett is actually the most difficult to defeat. Use lots of healing and pray the summoned warriors are all healers. Using the Eidolon is OK and stylish but remember you sacrifice your active character to use the Eidolon.

 7. Vajra and Captain Ines

Captain Ines occupies the large spider machine called Vajra.

  • Use a ranged fighter like King. Dodge and then find a safe time to unleash ranged attacks. Use the Eidolon for stylish finish.

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