Final Fantasy 15 Where to Get More Gil Money from Simple Quests to Hunting Quests

In Final Fantasy 15, the heroes Noctis and companions Gladiolus, Prompto and Ignis always need more money. In final fantasy 15, the currency or money is Gil. Noctis and companions need gil to do the following –

  • get potions, all kinds of potions. A phoenix down potion, which resurrects the characters from death costs 1000 gil each.
  • get accessories, which improve the heroes’ stats and battle abilities.

    • get better weapons

  • get fuel for the car
  • repair the car Regalia after serious damage

    • get cat food for Kitty Cat

Well, just about everything costs gil. And so the heroes must get gil money. There are a variety of sources in Lucis and beyond. The hunting quests can provide some gil, but the hunting quests can be difficult, and time consuming, and may not make the game enjoyable, unless you are quite high level.

  • A difficult hunting quest as illustrated below.

Then there are the simple quests in Lestallum, particularly the Vyv photography series of quests and the Holly power plant quests. These simple quests to make lots of gil – some of these quests grant like 20000 gil, are as follows –

  • Get the volcanic cave Rock of Ravatogh photograph quest from Viv

  • Photograph the volcanic cave at Rock of Ravatogh

Note – only a small selection is shown here, as you can expect, these simple quests to get money can get real boring if one shows too much here.

Power Plant Quests to get Gil Money

  • Find the ladder to the power pylon.

  • Find the 8 valves in Lestallum