Final Fantasy 15 Find Scrap Metal Upgrade Weapon Javelin

In Final Fantasy 15, the hero Noctis has to get more and more powerful in order to drive back the forces of the Niff from his homeland. In addition to his spells, Noctis has weapons. He must level them up in order to get more powerful. Or he can just buy powerful weapons. That costs gil and is more expensive.

You have to wait until the start of Chapter 2 to get the Upgrade First Weapon quest.

    • Here Noctis will find a javelin. Bring it back to Paw Paw at Hammerhead Outpost to try to upgrade.

Then Paw Paw will ask him to find scrap metal in order for him to upgrade the javelin. You will find scrap metal at Galdin Quay.

Paw paw will upgrade more weapons. First you have to find them and buy them or get them.

  • Example – upgrade the bio blaster. This looks awesome!