Elden Ring Choose Your Starting Class Which Class is the Best

In Elden Ring, there are many classes. So it will be a tough choice to decide which class is the best to start the game. The classes are –

  • warrior
  • hero
  • bandit
  • vagabond
  • astrologer
  • prophet
  • prisoner
  • confessor
  • samurai
  • free lance type character with balanced stats

Each of the class above comes with different stats. The attributes are –

  • vigor
  • mind
  • endurance
  • strength
  • dexterity
  • endurance
  • faith
  • arcane

Then the starting class hero must choose a keepsake. The keepsake are

  • Crimson Amber Medallion
  • Lands Between Rune
  • Golden Seed
  • Fanged Imp Ashes
  • Cracked Pot
  • Stonesword Key
  • Bewitching Branch
  • Boiled Prawn
  • Shabriri’s Woe

Need to create the hero, and choose the starting class. The hero is probably best to have a ranged attack whether this is spells or bow and arrow at the beginning, and then progress towards a block and melee heavy character later on. So choose one with high dexterity and intelligence. When the healing spells and the better melee weapons are available later, then increase stamina and strength for later.

Later, the hero will become more powerful, especially after the hero chooses a maiden patron companion to level up.

Choose your keepsake.

As the hero accumulates and uses the equipment of choice, then adjust your attributes and stats accordingly.