Dying Light 2 Defeat Boss Enemies the Revenant and Others

In Dying Light 2, there is a open world explore map component of the Dying Light 2 city of Villedor. There are various interesting areas in each sector. One of them is the introduction of a new boss enemy type known as the GRE Anomaly called the Revenant.

1 The Revenant

The Revenant can summon other zombies, and can jump around, and has a mean range of attack skills. Use the fire axe to defeat the Revenant GRE anomaly.

2 The Zombie that Wants to Dash and Ram

In the main quest Let’s Waltz where the hero will get a bow at the end of the quest. Near the beginning of the quest Let’s Waltz, there is a zombie that appears out of a locked door, and this zombie keeps wanting to dash and ram at the hero.

Use Air Kick and a weapon with both toxic and fire to defeat the mini boss enemy. To do Air Kick, unlock the skill and then jump (Rb on Xbox) on top of the enemy, then look down at the enemy, and Lb to air kick. Nice.

3 Waltz

Waltz will be a recurring boss enemy that does not want to die anyway. In the quest Let’s Waltz, Waltz is naturally the end boss enemy in this quest. Instead of fighting Waltz, the hero is not strong enough and must escape Waltz.