Dragon’s Dogma Get to Bluemoon Tower

Dragon’s Dogma Get to Bluemoon Tower

In Dragon’s Dogma, the Bluemoon Tower is the dwelling place of the griffin, and is situated far beyond the causal reach of the average adventurer from Gran Soren. But the hero and his party are no meek adventurers, and they must pursue the griffin to the Bluemoon Tower and eliminate it. This will guide the hero and his party on their long trek to the Bluemoon Tower and will provide tactics on how to navigate the various dangers and monsters on-route to the far and exotic tower.

Dragon’s Dogma Get Through Windworn Valley

Before heading to the Bluemoon Tower, the hero and party need to get some essential items from the merchants at Gran Soren. Three essential categories of items are –

  • healing potions like Harspud juices.
  • stamina restoring equipment.
  • ferrystones – each costs 20000 gold pieces, available from the Black Cat. Get at least one before leaving Gran Soren.

The path to the Bluemoon Tower passes through the Windworn Valley. The hero and party must get to and then get through Windworn Valley. The route to the Windworn Valley resembles that taken to the Hillfigure Knoll initially –

  • From Gran Soren, head through the north gate to the bridge
  • Cross the bridge and head northeast along the path to Windbluff Tower
  • Pass Windbluff Tower and head northeast. If the party continues in this direction, they will reach an intersection where the path will diverge southeast or continue northeast. Head down into this southeasternly path

The hero will know that he has arrived at Windworn Valley when he appears to be getting swept by the wind in this valley to one side, not to mention also being attacked by harpies. The hero and party must run through the Windworn Valley and persevere against the wind to get to the other side.

Dragon’s Dogma Get Pass the Bandits

Dispatch the hapless harpies and go headlong against the wind to cross the valley. This will put the hero into no man’s land, so named because the pawns will comment that no men have transversed this area for a long time. No men, except for some bandits. The hero will arrive at the top of a slope that leads down to a canyon floor with some high overlooking rock outcroppings. Bandits have taken the high ground here and will launch bow and arrows attacks on the hero. There are two main ways through this area.

The first option is to slowly make one’s way across the canyon floor by taking on the bandits one section at a time. Use lots of healing potions and tactically recall the pawns frequently to form a defensive formation around the mage hero. More often than not, the pawns will branch out to attack the bandits, leaving the mage hero exposed to arrow attacks and the pawns will also succumb to the overwhelming numbers of bandits here. By using mass attack spells and attacking on one section of the bandits one at a time, it is possible to eliminate them all and proceed through the canyon floor. The hero may also have to ascend the high grounds to eliminate the bandits there. Use the bandit’s den rooms carved within the mountains as a tactical area to hide from bandit attacks, and then launch the hero’s own attacks against the bandits.

The second option is to run through this area. Arm the hero with lots of stamina restoring loot. With each burst of speed, the hero needs to press the “Come” button to order the pawns to follow him. This is to prevent the pawns from taking on the offensive against the bandits. The pawns will surely perish if this happens. There are several sections of bandits to run through. Run and jump in a zigzag fashion to prevent the arrows from hitting the hero. Eventually, the hero will reach a relatively wide clearing just before a massive outcropping of rock. The bandit ranks will thin out, and the hero can save here before proceeding. Remember to heal up and restore stamina as the hero runs through this canyon valley floor area. It may take several attempts so save up (just after the Windworn Valley) before entering the canyon floor.

Dragon’s Dogma Defeat the Golem

The golem is the other mass of “rock outcropping” beyond the bandit’s den. The hero and party can either choose to defeat the golem or make a run past the golem. For this particular hero, defeating the golem would add a glorious shine to his adventuring CV, and so it must be done.

Dragon’s Dogma Defeat the Golem

To defeat the golem, first finish off the harpies in this area. Next, concentrate on the golem. The difficult part about the golem is its almost impregnable armor. Attacks make little or no damage against the golem, except on the lit up rune areas on the body. Concentrate attacks on the golem in these areas. If the hero is a mage companion, he should climb to the top of the rock outcropping. This will do two main things. Firstly he can launch High Ingle attacks on the rune areas on the golem. Secondly, the golem will not be able to direct his ground stomping attacks or his “eye laser” attack on the hero. Let the pawns stay on the ground to surround and distract the golem. The hero may have to climb down from the rock occasionally to revive any fallen pawns. Just jump around when the hero is on the ground and he will not be whacked by the golem. Patience is the key in this fight. Little by little but surely, the golem’s health will decrease and eventually the golem will be defeated.

Finally, the Dragon’s Dogma Bluemoon Tower is within sight… and almost within reach.

Dragon’s Dogma Reach the Bluemoon Tower

With the demise of the golem, the hero and party have just about a clear path to the Bluemoon Tower. Sidestep or eliminate some pesky small spiders along the way and finally spot the Bluemoon Tower in the distance. Continue running towards the Bluemoon Tower and reach its entrance.

The hero may want to touch the rift stone just outside the entrance to the Bluemoon Tower to swap pawns or recall fallen pawns before venturing into the Bluemoon Tower.