Dragon Ball Xenoverse Walkthrough and Battle Hints and Tips

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Walkthrough and Battle Hints and Tips

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, time has been disrupted. Trunks has been tasked by the supreme kai lord of time to investigate. However, whilst being the principal investigator, Trunks cannot leave the Time Nest. He goes to Shenrong and makes a wish. He wishes for a great warrior, and YOU are summoned to the marvellous plane and Toki Toki city. As the great warrior to be, you must travel through time and make corrections to the disrupted timeline.

  • The history of Dragon Ball Z and GT must stay true!

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Character Creation

The dragon ball Xenoverse allows for only 1 main character to be unlocked at the beginning. So between a toss of the five races –

– Majin
– Saiyan
– Earthling
– Nameikan
– Frieza

  • the main heroine of the dragon ball Xenoverse Malynjoo is born.

Next, the heroine is asked to go forth on the first time patrol mission. This mission involves defeating the first vanguard Saiyan Raditz. The battle tactics for this mission is as follows –

The battle controls for the ps4 controllor are 4 skills using a combination of R2 and the 4 buttons. You can set each skill into each button. At the beginning, there are only 4 super skills
∆ – bursts of energy bolts
o – energy charge
X – unassigned at the beginning
Square (s) – energy bolt

Without the R2 button, the 4 buttons function as normal basic attacks. With each race, each set of buttons can be activated in the right way to produce combat moves pertaining to that race

For the main race, obviously that means the hands, arms and head tentacles extension.

By adding both the right and left R buttons, one can execute the ultimate attack moves. At the beginning, this will only be the consecutive energy blasts and the super jump back.

Of course, one cannot attack without a dash move on the left L button, L2 and one must defend or block with the L1 button. Before going on a mission to defeat the various enemies, equip the skills and go to the industrial area to buy some energy capsules AND equip the items.

  • Now go and defeat Raditz. Should be a piece of cake!

With the defeat of Raditz, Trunks returns the hero to Toki Toki City, where she meets her first teacher to be Piccolo.

  • Piccolo will teach the skill Evil Blast, as soon as you pass the test.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Go Through the Gate in First Parallel Mission

  • the most difficult part at the beginning of the game is to try to go through the gate
  • Press the scouter button to focus and then O to go through

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Saibamen Incursion

These Saibamen are a nuisance but this can turn out to be a disastrous fight if you don’t manage the numbers properly. Don’t stay at one spot and keep using dash to go from one point to the other.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Defeat Nappa

After the Saibamen, the real fight begins. The arrival of the Saiyans is imminent, starting with Nappa. There are three stages in the Nappa fight. The first two stages are more easy and funny than difficult. Use your allies to distract Nappa and then evil blast him.

The third stage of the fight is tough at the heroine’s current level. You have to evil blast him whenever you can. First block and then blast him when needed.

Do not ultimate power attack Nappa as this will cause his health to regenerate. After this, there is only the Prince of Saiyan, Vegeta in Saiyan and ape form to deal with.

The dragon ball Xenoverse walkthrough continues in the form of the Games Entertainer video playlist walkthrough.

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