Dragon Age Origins Staff

Dragon Age Origins Staff

In playing as a mage in dragon age origins, staves or staffs are an very important part of the mage’s arsenal even though one has very powerful spells and spell combinations at one’s disposal. The reason is, in dragon age origins, staff allow the mage to fire automatically when activated and always hits, hence the higher the damage the more potent will be the mage’s attack. Combine this with spells and spell combinations, and the mage will be the supreme damage contributor in the game.

Dragon Age Origins Basic Staff

In dragon age origins, the mage starts off with the Acolyte’s Staff. This is a basic staff with a damage of 4.00, armor penetration of 20.00 and + 2 spellpower. In the character screen, note the number at the lower left side of the character screen underneath the defense number.  This is the character’s total spellpower. Experiment with different types of staff to see how this number changes.  Generally the higher this number the better will be the damage.

The next staff to obtain and then hold onto requires one to complete Juwan’s quest to elope with his sweetheart. Though not very powerful, it is the best one can get at this early stage in the game. It is the Blackened Heartwood Staff, which is found in the chest in the basement of Mage Tower. It has a base damage of 4.00, armor penetration of 20.00 and + 2 spellpower and + 2 damage. You have to lie to the magi elder and templar knight about not having found any valuable items when you emerge from the basement.

Dragon Age Origins Advanced Staff

One of the advanced staffs is the Oak Branch obtained from the Grand Oak in the Brecilian Forest. This grand oak branch has a nature damage of 5.20, an armor penetration of 29.00 and + 1 magic and + 2 constitution and 10% nature damage.

The lightning rod is a staff that is suitable for an electric magi. The lightning rod adds 10% electricity damage to the wielder and 10% electricity resistance. Base electrical damage is 4.40 and armor penetration is 23.00.

The Magister’s Staff is a staff obtained from Zathrian after you bring him to meet with the Lady, and in this case, the mage ignited an argument between the Dalish wizard and the werewolves. Fireworks ensue in the Brecilian Forest and you are the beneficiary of the conflict, obtaining the Magister’s Staff. This staff in dragon age origins has a fire base damage of 6.00, armor penetration of 35.00, + 2 mana regeneration in combat, + 5 spellpower and 10% spirit damage.

Dragon Age Origins Supreme Staff

There are many supreme staffs or really great staffs in Dragon Age Origins. Some examples will be given here. If you finally achieve the pinnacle of a grand magus, and master some or all of the each branch of magic, then you should getthe Staff of the Magister Lord. This staff adds 10% fire and electrical damage, does a whopping 6.40 cold damage, penetrates armor at a rate of 40% and adds 6 to spellpower and 6 to magic and + 2 to combat mana regeneration.

If you specialize in one type of magic, for example, cold damage, go for the supreme staff Winter’s Breath, which gives 25% cold resistance, and adds 15% cold damage. Similar to above, the staff does 6.40 cold damage and penetrates armor at 40%.

The Dragon Age series has progressed since 2010, with Dragon Age Inquisition showing the exquisite staffs that will be used in battle.