Divinity Original Sin 2 Game Guide Walkthrough

The Divinity Original Sin 2 walkthrough begins. The hero or heroine awakes on the ship, and begins her journey towards salvation, or more likely to reacquire the powers of the Source, and become the world’s most mighty Sourceror. First, there is the matter of making sense of what happened on the ship.

Search the ship thoroughly before get up to the upper deck. If you dont have the key, go past the fire to the upper decks.

Head upstairs to the upper deck and get into the first fight, using your skills – in this case – it is the class Metamorph.

After the first fight, the main thing to do is to find the life boat.

In Divinity Original Sin 2, the new hero Sourcerer arises from the shipwrecked, totally at a loss of what had happened. At least what she knows is that she must find out what happened on the island, and so the adventure begins. To begin with, one must know what class the heroine belongs to, and there are several here.

  • Battlemage
  • Shadowblade or Rogue Character
  • Enchantress
  • Conjurer
  • Metamorph
  • Many others such as knight, fighter, and so on.

The heroine speaks to a boy along the coast and then within a short space of time, finds herself in battle – the first fight.

  • First Fight as class Metamorph

  • After the first fight, the heroine moves along and recruits the first companion. From there on, continue to get the first and second companion. The first companion is the red lizard outside Fort Joy. The second companion is Lohse in Fort Joy.
  • However before the heroes can get to Fort Joy, they will meet some magisters. Be careful about the conversation options with the magisters at this stage.

  • You can reclassify the red lizard as a specific type of fighter. For Lohse (second companion), you can ask her to become a specific type of magic user.

  • 2nd companion Lohse.

  • After that go help Elodi in the corner of the memorial hall just a step down from Lohse. Then follow Elodi to the cave.

Note that you do not necessary have to fight with Bruno. Some deception will help you avoid the fight, but get the XP anyway.

Go speak to everyone in the cave, and then come out and go find Amyro in the camp kitchen. Amyro has been locked up. The camp boss Griff wants the heroine to go look for someone who has stolen his oranges. Go back to outside the cave, and then to the right of the cave, to find the culprit.

Bring the oranges back to Griff.


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