Dishonored Walkthrough

Dishonored Walkthrough, Hints and Tips

Dishonored Walkthrough begins with Escape from Coldridge Prison. Of course, a dark stealth adventure type game will always involve – dishonored Dunwall Sewers. The dishonored walkthrough continues with trying to find Emily in the Golden Cat.

Dishonored is a very successful game, and continues with dishonored dlc – Daud’s Powers.

Where does Corvo and Daud’s powers come from in Dishonored?

Dishonored the Outsider Quests

In Dishonored, the outsider is the mysterious figure that bestows the outsider’s mark and the magical arts onto the hero. Just where the outsider came from, no one really knows. Whether the outsider has bestowed these “gifts” to the hero for his own sinister purpose, one would have to play the game to find out the eventual purpose of the outsider. It is a known fact though that without these powers, the hero will surely perish in the city of Dunwall. These powers include –

    • Blink
    • Possession
    • Bend Time

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and many others. We recount the first appearance of the Outsider, and up to the last quest related to the Outsider.

After escape from Coldridge Prison, the Outsider appears to the hero in “Something’s Not Quite Right Quest”.

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The outsider returns when Corvo has assimilated more runes and gained more power. Sinister indeed. As the hero collects more and more runes, the Outsider appears again. At the Shrine of the Outsider in the Royal Torturer’s Chamber, the Outsider makes another appearance. Includes defeating the torturer in Dunwall Tower.