Dishonored 2 Storyline from Beginning to End

In Dishonored 2, Emily Kaldwin rose to her status and place as Empress. And then Delilah Copperspoon arrived at the throne room, and changed everything. Delilah dethroned Emily. And turned her father to stone. Or is the correct fantasy word petrify. Emily Kaldwin must escape her room, and execute her revenge.

Emily embarks on an adventure to escape Dunwall and get to Karaca. She solves the mystery of the Crown Killer, and then goes to the Clockwork Mansion.

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There, she finds Anton Sokolov and Kirin Jindosh. She saves Sokolov, and condemns Jindosh to his fate. And back on the Dreadful Wale, Emily Kaldwin gets a visit from her arch enemy.