Dishonored 2 Clockwork Mansion Walkthrough

In Dishonored 2, the heroine Emily Kaldwin must transverse the hazards of Clockwork Mansion and find Jindosh, the inventor of the clockwork soldiers. The clockwork mansion is a maze and can be subjected to change due to the changing configuration of the clockwork mansion, through the use of levers. Not to mention the elite guards and new enemies, the clockwork mansion. And of course, the usual electric wall of light and the rest.

  • First Emily Kaldwin must use the right code 028 (for this particular game) to get to Clockwork Mansion.

Then she must be able to enter Clockwork Mansion.

  • Next is a series of steps or walk through to get to Sokalov and rescue him.

Follow this, Emily Kaldwin must get Anton Sokolov out of the Clockwork Mansion.

    • This is not enough, as Emily Kaldwin must get Sokolov past the deadly witches to safety in the hands of Meagan Foster at the skiff.

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Then she returns to Clockwork Mansion to deal with Kirin Jindosh. All in a day’s work, to reclaim the throne.

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