Deus Ex Mankind Divided Walkthrough

In Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Adam Jensen is back. Remember the events of Deus Ex. Well, no one really does. But Jensen is back. And he is ready to roll. This deus ex mankind walkthrough will allow one to go through this rather open-ended rpg fps game.

First recap on the Deus Ex Storyline.

And now fast forward to the present. Apparently Jensen has now joined the good guys. His first mission – rescue his fellow agent in the First Mission Black Market Buy. And then it just continues into the open ended world of Deus Ex Mankind Divided.

Mission 1 – Black Market Buy

Mission 2 – Morning Comes Too Soon

  • Jensen arrives in Praha, where he has his own apartment. Explore the apartment and then go out. Regroup before going out.

Mission 3 – Get Into Top Shape Again

  • Get into Koller Bookstore the Time Machine
  • The first thing to do is to get his aug system repaired. Unfortunately, Jensen cannot get into Koller in the bookstore.

  • Side Mission – Get the Forgery Documents. So this is the alternative way in.

  • And finally meet the woman behind the photoshop.

And the story continues. The key is before getting into Mission 4, Jensen should definitely get into top shape by doing Mission 3. Get into the Koller Bookstore to get the new augs.

  • New Augs List

    • Old Augs List