Deus Ex Human Revolution Cassandra Reed Quest Motherly Ties

Deus Ex Human Revolution Cassandra Reed

In deus ex human revolution, Cassandra Reed approaches Jensen after the Sarif Manufacturing Plant mission when he comes out of Sarif Industries. She tells Jensen she cannot get over the death of Megan Reed, and asks Jensen to investigate why her autopsy was so fogged in mystery.

This deus ex human revolution cassandra reed quest is useful because it combines well with the main quest infiltrating the police station interior to get the hacker’s neural data.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Motherly Ties Quest

The deus ex human revolution motherly ties quest underlies the bonds that cannot be broken between mother and daughter and between lovers (Jensen and Megan). So the quest begins, with the first part being to chase down Detective Chase. His location is amongst the easiest to find in the whole game. When coming out of the Hand Clinic, head diagonally left and slip into the alleyway that has an apartment building door next to it. Use the door and Detective Chase is just beyond the door. Speak to him and he will suggest speaking to a certain Officer Wagner about this case.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Police Station First Floor

Next when inside the police station floor 2, Jensen has to enter Captain Penn’s office and hack into his computer. However, Jensen must make his way up from floor 1. When coming up from the basement to floor 1, be careful of some guards on the left of the corridor. Use cover and light press spacebar to stealth leap from cover to cover. The largest challenge comes in the form having to sneak past a whole lobby in floor 1 full of people at work. Sure, the people are not looking at Jensen, but there sure are a lot of them.

Before entering this mission, be prepared to have the cloak augment (2 Praxis points), and at least 2 battery cells recharge, and also hack level 2. It will make survival much easier.

To ghost past the corridor full of people in floor one, literally just ghost past them. Hit F1 for cloak augment, and then uncrouch and just make a mad dash in a diagonal fashion for the stairs. Remember to save the game before doing this, in case it doesnt work. With enough skills, Jensen will head into floor 2.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Walkthrough Compilation.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Captain Penn Office and Password 2nd Floor

In floor 2 there are three guards in total – one guard besides the stairs, one guard to the right on the balcony, and another one on the left on the balcony.Take them all down, and then look for a small crawlway behind where the third guard was standing and crawl your way to Captain Penn’s office. The password for his computer is apophenion.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Wagner Office Third Floor

With this information downloaded, make your way to floor three. In floor three, take out the guard nearest the stairs, and the rest can pretty much be achieved by stealth and finding shafts to crawl into. There is a shaft near the stairwell, Crawl into the shaft and exit via the second exit into Wagner’s office. Hack his computer too using hacking or by using Nuke hacking software.

Once these two objectives are accomplished, head back the way to the first floor. This time, take out the guard near the staircase. Remember the first time Jensen used cloaking to make a mad rush for the stairs. By taking out this guard, it will make the dash less mad the second time. Use the cloak augment ability and then make another dash for the corridor cover from the lobby. Continue into the basement, finish the morgue quest, and then head out via the way Jensen came in.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Completing Cassandra Reed Quest

Before speaking to Wagner, it may be helpful to slip into his office on the third floor and hack into his computer. To enter the police station interior, some sleuthing around the exterior is needed. Once over the fence, head in a northeast direction, and use hack to open a hangar type door. Investigate inside for all the findings on the Megan Reed autopsy.

Head out of the police station interior into the exterior and then the fence. Use crates to build a jumping platform over the fence. Then head into the police station reception and confront Wagner. This will complete the deus ex human revolution motherly ties quest requirements. Head to the Chiron building (Jensen’s apartment – see in game map for location) and report everything to Cassandra Reed to complete the mission.

Before coming out of the basement in the police station, remember to finish the main deus ex human revolution quest by entering the morgue and talking to the pathologist inside.

Next stage – uncovering the truth behind the hacking into Sarif Industries.