Destiny 2 Warlock Level Up Progression

In Destiny 2 Warmind, it is easy to level up the warlock to about level 20 something. After that, one has to find new exotic and legendary weapons to progress or level up the power level. This will look at some of the progression beyond the level 30 as the heroine looks for new weapons and higher power gear to carry on. This is the hero at power level 364 or 365.

Dismantle items that you don’t need and go to the gunsmith to exchange the material for more weapon.

This is the Impromptu 49 pulse rifle.

Once you get unlock the Impromptu pulse rifle from the gunsmith engram, then use the Impromptu 49.

Apart from the Gunsmith, other possible sources of wepona and gear include the Crucible fights. Then get the gear from Lord Shaxx , in exchange for crucible tokens.

Of course, there is the Nascent Dawn series of quest steps. The fourth Nascent Dawn quest step allows the hero to get the Polaris Lance. Then keep upgrading the Polaris Lance until it is sufficiently high power or high level.

Of course do not forget these weekly events which is absolutely crucial for the hero to further level up or upgrade further. The best is or the highest level weapon to get each week without too much difficulty is the Flashpoint event. Recently, the Flashpoint event is on Titan. The hero got 2 exotic gear from Cayde.

With 2 exotic gear, you can get the same exotic gear. Dismantle the more exotic gear and use it to infuse the legendary weapon of your favourite choice. In this way, the hero can get even higher power or level with the right combination of exotic and legendary weapon, like in the case of the Sovereign Hood.

Which begs the question what will happen when the said Flashpoint vendor rumoured fate in the new Destiny 2 Year 2 revamp Forsaken.

Speaking of hunters, you can get some of the gear from Tess at Eververse. But you need to level up the gear, as it starts at level 10. Level up the gear eg the Qiao Grin to level up the Helmet.